Who’s Your Audience?

When targeting a specific audience there needs to be some sort of realization and connection that should be made towards the potential users. If you’re trying to expand your product or business, attracting the affinity audiences can be what finds you a more interested audience. The affinity search method can be a very effective way of bringing in new or different users because there’s a focus on finding people that are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do or like. In my opinion, when trying to attract some new users, I would like into things like what people are searching, where users are coming from mostly or what social media apps bring or direct users to different pages the most. Certain social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat provide major media and “explore” features that redirect you to hobbies, news, restaurants and just provides you with subjects or things you really never see before. Using the campaign or ad feature on google analytics provides you with a whole variety of search and performance data that you could potentially use for marketing strategy.

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