Why I Bought a Groovebook

How They Got Me

Of course, I was on Instagram looking for new ideas for decorating my room. I kept seeing ads for Groovebooks and that you could customize them to get the pictures you want specifically. I didn’t really trust it because it was an ad on Instagram, I thought if I clicked it id end up with a virus.

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Finally Going For It

After doing a lot of research and trying to find Groovebooks on other sites, I decided to just go with the Instagram ad. They had the best price for it and the reviews were pretty good. I went through and got to pick most of my pictures I wanted as well as some extras they send to everyone.

Why I Clicked

I saw these ads every day for a solid month and constantly was debating if I should click on it. After failing to find another site I trusted I decided to just click because it was the site that had everything I wanted and they were always there on my feed.

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