Why I Use Ad Block

Avoid Spending Wasteful Money

Every time you search Google fills your eyes with ads hoping you’ll make a purchase. No matter where you go Google will have an ad for you the most prevalent being websites that are text heavy and have glowing and moving ads in the corners. The important thing to note is advertisers spend thousands and even millions depending on the advertisement to get you to purchase. Keeping this in mind simply saying “I won’t fall for their ads” is something they’ve learned to overcome where the ad block comes in to play. This alone has saved me many times from wasteful purchases.

Saving Your Time

The other type of ad to get you is clickbait titles or stories that sound way too believable. Usually relating to famous people or how you can save money that sounds too good to be true. You see them all the time at the bottom of articles in order to keep you on their website and generate more ad revenue. The peace of not seeing these at the bottom of my screen is very relieving

The Negatives

As with everything in life with the good comes the bad. Using Adblock on certain creator or user driven websites like Youtube can usually effect their revenue as most of it comes from ads. Adblock is also the biggest pain when trying to do anything with Google, as sites like Tag Manager or Google Ads don’t work meaning you’ll have to turn it off for those sites or when trying to do anything related with them.

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