The Value in Digital Ads

Digital Ads are extremely valuable to a company, especially when they are directly shown to a consumer who will take interest in the product. I follow many art accounts, and one of them happened to post an advertisement for a very trendy and artistic clothing company. I followed the link and then saw that the account was doing a free giveaway if you tag 4 people on the page. Not expecting to win, I commented tagging four friends. I was later notified that I won the give away and was asked to post a picture of it to my story. This built brand loyalty for me, as I continue to follow the account and purchase their merchandise. This digital advertisement for the give away also generated a lot of traffic and commerce to the page, as people tagged their friends. Lastly, by me posting to my story wearing the product, more people became aware of the brand and looked into it. This digital advertisement, while seemingly insignificant, brings in a lot of business over time.

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