You Might not Need to be a Big Spender

By: Alyssa Van Auker

When you type in any product into google, the first half of the page typically is not organic listings. Instead, the listing above the fold are paid ads by big spenders. The first ad listed is usually from a company that spends a large sum of money to get their ad placed there. However, lucky for all smaller companies, it is possible to get ahead of them.

Be Active

The main way to get ahead of the big spenders is by being more active on your page that you are trying to advertise. By doing more throughout the webpage there is also a great chance of success.

Be Like the Big Spender

The big spenders know they cannot waste their money. They make sure they fill their webpages with smartly used links and keywords. They also have a lot of landing pages and spend more time on their pages. These are things that any business can also do with their site to try to compete with the people who are spending more money.

The chances are low that your ad will beat the higher paying ads on the search engine results page. Even so, the chance is still there. By being active on your pages, and making the landing pages fit your ads perfectly, you have a better chance to have the highest ranked ad. If not your page can still show up on the page before the users have to scroll the page which will still help your business.

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