Do Authenticity and Success Go Together?

While people do look for authenticity in the brands they are purchasing, they also need to be excited about your product. The excitement comes from believing your product is amazing and something they NEED! Self-promotion is indeed necessary in finding success, as it shows consumers your dedication and love for the brand. The goal is to be such a popular brand, that even those who don’t purchase your product are familiar with it. Popular brands must maintain their use of self-promotion to continue to show their presence.

Where does authenticity come from?

Authenticity comes from something being original and genuine. This is a characteristic that should be deeply rooted in your brand. It is based on the product that you are presenting. If you can self-promote and show your product’s true attributes, the number of times you do so does not decrease authenticity. Likely, the more authentic and original your product and what it provides to your customer, the more material there is for you to self-promote on.

Can you be authentic on social media?

While it may be difficult to stand out, yes. If you are truthfully demonstrating your brand, you are being authentic. It is definitely tough to offer something different to your consumer, because almost every other brand is producing content that looks like yours. They key to yours standing out, is using all of the right “promotion tactics” alongside a product that has not been seen or done better. To find authenticity, you must look at what it is that you are selling.

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