#1 / 4 = Google Analytics Goals

According to Neil Patel, an accomplished content marketing and digital strategy expert; there are 4 Google Analytics Goal ‘types’ that are essential for your business success. I agree with this statement, however, I believe that amongst the 4 goals, there is one particular goal that stands out the most. I believe that ‘Event Goals’ are the most important goals to focus on. Compared to other goals, this particular goal allows you to track specific actions a consumer takes on your website. This allows for much more information to be collected.

You can track just about anything you want with Google Analytics Events such as:

  1. External links
  3. Time spent watching videos
  4. Social media buttons
  5. Widget usage

Any element that your visitors interact with can be tracked with events. This is beneficial for a variety of web platforms. In terms of Project Digital, amongst many events, we have the option to focus on a goal that would track how far a user scrolls down our site. This will allow us to monitor where the average ‘drop-off’ point is and what we can implement to make viewers read further.

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