Free and Paid Media Tracking


Marketing is a key way to grow a business and create a solid brand. In the digital world, there are two major ways to advertise your brand, SEO and PPC. They are both important and both can provide success in growing your brand. They are both similar in the fact that they increase views for whatever you’re advertising, however they also have some major differences. Using both methods will be the best way to cover the most ground.


SEO is the most cost effective to market your brand. “Organic clicks are free, and won’t cost you a cent.” SEO ranks organic searches on search engine results page. You will see your results under any paid ads in the results links (10 blue links). This is where you will see an increase in views. Although this method is free traffic, it takes a lot of time and resources to complete.


PPC, or pay per click, is the other method for media tracking. PPC is much faster and enables you to see results instantly. Right when you launch your campaign you can see the traffic and you don’t have to wait as long as you would through a SEO campaign. The drawback for this method is that it cost money every time someone clicks on your ad. If you are on a tight budget, it might be tough to get enough views because you will only be able to afford a limited amount of clicks. If you have a bigger budget, PPC will be very effective for media tracking.

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