Testing, Testing A/B! Using Google Optimize.

Let’s start with the basics, what is Google Optimize is.

Google Optimize is yet another business tool offered by Google. This allows you, the business owner to deliver the best experience to your customers. You can test things on your site such as, picture size, color choices, anything you think will boost users on your site. Either way this can be a great tool to makes changes to your site without changing the whole thing. Also since it is a google service you can connect all your services into one, creating one block of data.

Lets talk more about this testing.

Like I said before you can test anything on your site. Color changes, pictures sizes, button colors after an event occurs, the possibilities are endless. If you think it will help your business then you can test it out. That really is the beauty of a hypothesis is that you can test it in real time. Some of the other great things about this service is that you can place a time limit on the test. Like you would a science experiment you can determine how long you want this to run; if it is a small change maybe only run it for two weeks, if it is something larger maybe run it for a month. Whatever the variant (what your actually testing) your testing you have the power to play around with what you think will work. Analyzing your Google analytics data is a great place to start when making some changes. You can really make some changes based on things like demographics, location, interests etc. Use the data you already have to make more data. So the next time you think your site needs an update, use google optimize to optimize your chances at success.

Read more to make sure your hypothesis is testing what it should!


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