Connecting to Your Audience


Connecting to your customers via website is the only way your business is going to be successful in the modern era. It has innovated incredibly over the past 10 years, as many people, like myself would always go to the store to get products. Now, everyone is using business’ websites to interact with their product and most likely their number 1 source of revenue. Business’ keep transitioning and relying more and more on their website and how to create more clicks, views, etc. Audience targeting on google ads displays numerous ways to attract the most customers that fits your business.

Target Audience

It’s really hard to figure out ways to find your target audience if you can not see the analytics, which is exactly what google provides. The analytics will give you the information to start to create your own audience through demographics, age, behaviors, interest, and all of the above. Your created “audience” will depict which of these customizations you choose for your website. For example, if you have a very family friendly business, like Disney. Whenever I see ads, via social media or commercials, it is always a family that is smiling having a great time. Disney would want use the option of affinity audiences. That is your main goal and the audience you want to create because that is their brand.

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