Adaptive Advertisement- Hello BC’s Campaign

adaptive advertising company logo

At first glance, Hello BC’s campaign was confusing. The message of their campaign is the opposite of what they normally focus on. After taking a good look at it, however, it all makes sense. It is an adaptive form of advertising that aligns with the current times.

The marketing geniuses behind Hello BC were adaptive and saw the opportunity to take a hashtag that is already familiar to their audience and repurpose it. That in turn not only makes it easier for their audience to follow, but it also continues the brands consistency. Furthermore, all of the images and videos for their campaign in the article are visually engaging, and immersive enough to make a follower feel like they are on an adventure.

The goal behind their promotion is to stay connected and relevant to their audience. Travelling is restricted at the moment, but they are still working to leave an impression on each follower’s mind. When travelling is open again, their audience is more likely to look into their service. It helps set them apart from other travel companies.

Additionally, as mentioned in the article , they are providing value and and an opportunity for their followers to share their own travel content. That further strengthens the relationships between each individual and the brand by establishing a sense of community through collaboration. Overall, they are presenting their brand to be responsible with how they are dealing with the current travel circumstances. Lastly through their effective strategy, the brand is able to maintain the engagement and interaction with their audience at home.

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