Is it ethical? : Tracking User Behavior

Data collection and tracking user behavior has been a hot topic for years, especially as technology has become more advanced. The concern of what data is collected and who has access to the culmination of user information are only two the major questions pondered by users. A common way user data is gathered is through […]

Self-Promotion and Being Authentic

In this day and age, being a brand on social media comes with several opportunities, but also with challenges. Self-promotion and being/staying authentic can be two of those hurdles. Self-Promotion… Should popular brands halt their self-promotion tactics in favor of authenticity? My answer to that question is no, and here is why: If a brand […]

E-mail Marketing: is it thriving or barely surviving?

The internet has grown and constantly expands each and everyday. In the mist of it all lies e-mail marketing. Through the years, regulations, SPAM restrictions, and overall internet noise have posed a hinderance on the method of communication. However, the importance of email is still relevant to current brands and companies. Check this article out […]

Will spending the most money on “search ads” beat your competition?

The answer is no. Spending the most money on search ads can get you towards the top of the search results, but it does not guarantee that you will beat your competition. There are multiple factors to take into consideration that influence the search results ranking besides search ads. For one, the content that you […]

Can you be the Google search engine results champion?

It is possible to be number one on Google’s search engine results page by using the tactics discussed by George Do. He demonstrates how “expanding your seed keywords” consists of research that goes into different sections such as auto suggestions, questions/ comments posted by consumers on forums, and looking at the competition to get a […]

Responding to Consumers: Proactive and Defensive

A corporation has a responsibility to respond to their consumers whether each customer has a positive or negative concern. Responding to negative comments is especially crucial because it can determine a company’s reputation. With that said, a brand has to respond in a proactive manner, not a defensive one. Proactive Responding For example, the customer […]

Adaptive Advertisement- Hello BC’s Campaign

At first glance, Hello BC’s campaign was confusing. The message of their campaign is the opposite of what they normally focus on. After taking a good look at it, however, it all makes sense. It is an adaptive form of advertising that aligns with the current times. The marketing geniuses behind Hello BC were adaptive […]

The Ad that got me

The most recent digital ad that I can remember interacting with is one for a longboard. I had been looking for a longboard for awhile and I clicked around a couple of websites to see the different qualities and prices. I was in-between two of them so I had decided to not make a purchase, […]

Join the Community: Continuing to Grow Small

Small businesses make up 99.9% of businesses in the United States of America. During these tough times, continuing business operations can be full of changes and adaption. However, it also offers an opportunity to grow. It is a chance to keep learning how to stay connected by optimizing your online availability for customers. Join the […]

What should be valued more: form or function?

Form is the layout of the website you interact with. It is an important part of the website’s design and part of the first impression a user gets of the platform. It influences whether an individual decides to keep scrolling and looking at the website or not. Function, on the other hand, deals more with […]

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