Starbucks #WhatsYourName Campaign

After reviewing the many campaigns, the Starbucks one stood out to me the most because I find this topic very prevalent in today’s society. The idea of this campaign was to bring awareness to the LGBTQ Community by respecting the names that each customer wants to be called and then writing it on their cup.

My reaction to this ad is that Starbucks was extremely clever and caring in regards to launching a campaign like this. Writing someones name down on a coffee cup doesn’t seem like much, however, for those in the LGBTQ Community, the simple act of someone acknowledging them by the name they want to be called can make someone feel accepted and appreciated – a “heartwarming” feeling. I believe the goal for this campaign was to show that Starbucks supports every community, ethnicity, and person that is a customer at their coffee shop. In addition, I feel as though Starbucks wanted to show that they stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ Community and are accepting of all people. In terms of a business goal, I think Starbucks saw an opportunity to get involved with a political topic that is talked about worldwide. While many companies try to stay away from political issues, I believe that Starbucks thought they could succeed in making a campaign like this by bringing awareness to the topic and generating a buzz around it. Standing up for a cause can come with its critics, however my belief is that Starbucks wouldn’t have pursued this campaign if they thought it would negatively impact their company.

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