Spotify #2019Wrapped Social Media Campaign

Spotify #2019 Wrapped

The campaign was launched on social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. What they did was going a step further from their traditional year-end personal summary for a user’s music playlist(which artists they listen to, for how many hours, what genre they favor, etc) and made a decade summary for the user’s musical journey: about how their taste changed over time, how many thousands of hours have the user spent on listening streamed music on Spotify.

Gut-feeling about this campaign

My gut feeling about this campaign is that the brand is very keen on capturing the nostalgic nature of the people. It is just like opening your own old essay book or daily journals you have to write when you are in elementary school: it brings up so much old memory and returning to your old mindset again, just like conversing with your old self and it reminds you of who you were and were planning to be. On the other hand, it is also interesting to see the musical tastes of your friends/people in your network: which sparks good and fun conversation topic such as “judge” them for their taste or make fun of them in your next encounter

The business goal for this campaign

The business goal for this campaign is more likely to be raising the brand’s awareness within the highly competitive streaming service market. It is very clever for them to also include a decade-end summary for artists, which gives them a shareable image of the number of their listeners and streams, etc. Which also gives them a good sense of achievement.

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