Creativity is overrated

When I say creativity is overrated, I do not actually believe that to be true. However, maybe it grabbed some peoples attention. Anyways, in data studio I do not think you need to be creative to succeed. I do think having the skill and mindset of being creative can certainly set you up for more quicker success. Data studio has a lot, it was overwhelming just reading it. Being able to assemble the charts, graphs, etc for the viewer to easily understand the concepts is pretty well set up for the user already. The viewers want to see what the analysis is, the numbers, and know how their company is doing. Therefore, being too creative can get a little to confusing when all the viewer wants to see is the important things. Therefore, I believe being plain and displaying the data for the viewer to get the understanding they need to better their company/website.

Key Notes

I would like to start with a reference from the data studio reading that supports my statement that you do not need to be creative in order to be successful in data studio, “You can add multiple pages to a Data Studio report. This lets you organize related charts in ways that best support your needs. Distributing charts across multiple pages is also a good way to minimize the complexity of any given page, which can increase the performance of your report and avoid “information overload” for your viewers.”. This tells the users that overload is not good and they have tools throughout the whole data studio to help simplify and get what you need. Creativity is very good and will always better yourself; however, data studio allows a non creative person have success even though creativity can make it easier. “Creativity is contagious, pass it on” -Albert Einstein


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