Spotify Wrapped: And Why It Worked

Spotify Wrapped
Spotify’s Campaign

In 2017, Spotify released a campaign that was completely brand new to music streaming services. This gave users’ a personalized end-of-the-year summary of their music habits. It’s called “Spotify Wrapped”. Ever heard of it? Certainly, everyone has.

My Reaction

When Spotify started this campaign in 2017, I had just graduated high school. Also, I had just finished my first semester of college. Suddenly, my social media was taken over by something called Spotify Wrapped. My friends were posting a summary of their year, but through song. Meanwhile, I was using Apple Music and feeling left out. So, what did I do? I downloaded Spotify right before 2018. This was such an easy decision that it didn’t even feel like a marketing campaign.

Refreshing the Campaign

In 2019, Spotify updated their yearly summary by adding global and longer time segments. This kept the traditional campaign while adding more relatable components. In other words, Spotify made sure that the yearly summary would not become boring. To sum it up, I look forward to more updates that are to come in the future.

The Goal of Spotify Wrapped

In conclusion, what Spotify did is create a personalized gift for their users’ every year. Not only does this create a sense of brand reliability, it also creates a new social norm. Personally, I love looking at other people’s Spotify Wrapped. I love looking at my own. Overall, it is a simple, enjoyable, and unique campaign. Spotify did a great job at finding the “why” behind music. Whenever I look at my personalized summary, I am filled with memories that are associated with that song. Spotify isn’t selling their app with this campaign, they’re selling the feeling. However, with every campaign, there is a goal. The first goal of Spotify Wrapped is to get people to subscribe to their music streaming service. The next goal is also to get the Spotify brand out there. with everyone sharing their summaries, that is free marketing and advertising for the company.

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