Custom Affinity Audiences In Advertising

What Are Custom Affinity Audiences?

With custom affinity audiences, advertisers can target people who are more likely to use their brand. Advertisers do this by honing in on specific key words, websites that people go to, their lifestyles and passions, and tracking apps that people use. What makes custom affinity audiences so unique is that they are able to get very specific. For example, a fishing company will define their audience by focusing on key words that have to do with fishing. They will also track people who go to fishing websites and people who use fishing apps.

How Can Custom Affinity Audiences Help You?

Cassie Oumedian, Associate Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing, provides really good tips on how to utilize affinity audiences. Her three largest strategies are top performing placements, competitor targeting, and interest + custom affinity targeting. With these strategies an advertiser will be able to focus their ads on their top performing products, target/analyze competition, and get specific on who they should be targeting as a whole.

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