Applying STP to Email Campaigns

What is Segmentation?

The main principle behind the process is to segment your audience, target each segmented group according to their preferences and habits, and make positioning adjustments in your branding and marketing strategies to accommodate their needs and expectations. The reason why the segmentation, targeting, and positioning process is so effective is that it breaks down broader markets into smaller parts, making it easier to develop specific approaches for reaching and engaging potential customers instead of having to use a generic marketing strategy that would not be as appealing, or as effective.

Marketing to Users on Hinge

Positioning: By putting this app on popular apps that young adults use then the app will get more views and appearances and people may not want to click on it but if young males where to see an attractive female on their feed then they would be more likely to click on the app details to see if they could potentially see that same person again.

Targeting: By using popular apps, these apps tend to ask for one’s gender on them. So you could target a specific gender by targeting them with different people that potentially could appeal to that individual thus giving them more of a reason to become active on the app.

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