E-mail Marketing: is it thriving or barely surviving?

The internet has grown and constantly expands each and everyday. In the mist of it all lies e-mail marketing. Through the years, regulations, SPAM restrictions, and overall internet noise have posed a hinderance on the method of communication. However, the importance of email is still relevant to current brands and companies.

Check this article out to see how emails have been beneficial:


You may be thinking, “Why? No one actually looks at their emails”. If you think that then you are overlooking the impact and value of an impression.

The value of emails

To begin, the rapid ability of communication an email offers is what allows brands to establish connections with their customers. They are then able to nurture that relationship by providing their audience with information, discounts and more directly online. Today’s strict restrictions against SPAM can block an e-mail from companies if a certain amount of customers label it as spam. For that reason, it is recommended to have a double opt-in system. The Stukent textbook mentions that it helps assures that the people signing up for the notifications are interested in receiving them. Furthermore, the double opt-in option helps decrease the chance of fake email addresses and creates more solid ties in a companies email list.

To continue, an email in a customer’s inbox helps remind the customer of that brand. That is why the subject line of an email is very important. It gives a the customer hint of what information they are being offered to look into.

New times, New Emails

Lastly, email marketing has continued to grow along with the internet. The entire expert video was about the new email marketing. It uses custom audiences to help present targeted ads to certain segments in an email list. Through new email marketing there has been three times the engagement and two times the conversion rate.

Email marketing has its challenges like any other method of communication, but I believe that it is here to stay.

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