Coors Light Ad Campaign

I really enjoyed the purpose of this Ad. Coors Light was giving away a 6 pack to anyone who tweeted at them using their campaign hashtag. This was genius considering everyone would see this and think “FREE.” I think that this was smart esepcially because it was a little fun for some people who have […]

Is Email Marketing Dead?!

Email marketing may be on the decline for marketing tactics. But, some people do use it still. Based on the video with Larry Kim, email is no longer “the golden age” of email marketing. Email marketing was popular and reaching marketing goals in 2014 (as shown in the video). Unfortunately for companies that rely on […]

Click Bait

Paying a ton of money to have an ad posted somewhere multiple times or even just once on a popular website, allows for more “clicks” for that certain company. This gets me every time. I am constantly looking things up on google or bing but since my computer knows that I LOVE to shop, shopping […]

Form Over Function

When shopping online, the customer’s eyes go directly to the search bar, or what flags their attention the most when opening the webpage. For some shoppers, they may have an item in mind they want to search, while others would rather browse through the “new arrivals” or “best sellers.” The function of the website depends […]