Is Email Marketing Dead?!

Email marketing may be on the decline for marketing tactics. But, some people do use it still. Based on the video with Larry Kim, email is no longer “the golden age” of email marketing.

Email marketing was popular and reaching marketing goals in 2014 (as shown in the video). Unfortunately for companies that rely on email still, consumers spend their time elsewhere. The image below shows the popularity of every other use of the internet for this generation. Email is the only one that doesn’t appear…so is email marketing really dead?

I do not think email marketing is dead because I for one, always check my email and come across all of the shopping coupons that surround my professors emails. In some cases, people who use their email as their daily way of communication besides phone, facebook messenger, snapchat etc, see the promotional emails every single morning. From the shopping coupons to the “you left something in your cart,” reminders, we recieve the emails because we agreed to them. In otherwords, they are never going away.

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