Defensive vs Proactive Response at a Corporate Level

When someone attacks your company with a bad review or hurtful words, it can be very easy to retaliate with a defensive comment, but is that a smart response? Choosing not to become defensive gives your company a much better image as defensive responses may give your business a bad reputation.

Defensive Responses

At any corporate level, there are going to be negative comments or hate toward your company. Where it may get challenging is, it is the companies responsibility to make a response to most hateful comments to ensure the consumer may get relief about their problem. Though it is crucial to respond in a timely manner it is more important to think through the response to make sure it is not hurtful to your customer.

Proactive Responses

Proactive responses are much more professional and look a lot better for your company. Responding in a timely manner to a complaint in a proactive manner may help settle their unease about your company. Proactive comments may end up resulting in the company giving the consumer a discount or total refund for their issue as seen below with Zappos.

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