“How Behavior Reports Affect Content Strategy”

Promoting Our Products

Promoting a product or idea can often be quite challenging. Before we ever start presenting or pitching we have to first consider who our audience is. When we figure that out, we are then able to assess the situation and see what we need to do in order to reach them effectively. We have to be able to describe our product in a way that makes it seem enticing and also reasonable for the audience to invest in. We also must relate the content that we put out to real life situations so that our audience can understand what our product is and what the mission of the company is.

Finding Tendencies

To truly have an effective promotion of our products, we must also identify how our users act in their day to day lives. It is crucial to be able to know how the users will respond to certain cues. We can find this out by studying the their tendencies as well as seeing what their initial responses to our actions are. By gauging these responses, we can then anticipate what their future responses will be. If we are able to find out what those are, we can then know what we need to do next in order to persuade them to invest more in our products.

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