Creating Successful Ad Campaigns

Just Do It… Correctly It sounds super generic, but the first idea that pops into my mind when I think about a famous ad campaign is the lady wearing all white using a price tool. That’s all I need to say before you hear the entire Progressive Insurance commercial in your head. The woman in […]

Talent or a Formula?

Does one need to be a creative person to “create” reports in Data Studio? Perhaps there is a formula that requires one to be creative to stand out. I am leaning towards no, with recognition that creativity will be a small help to your creation. Mastering a formula to the perfect data studio report is […]

Be Proactive

Defensive Corporate Responses Defensive corporate responses are the minimum a company can do and are in response to pressing matters. The issue was not addressed before it escalated. When defensive corporate responses occur, they are usually to put out a fire to minimize the loss of customers. It is not the best look, as it […]

“I Need More Beer!!!”

Audience Appeal: Who are you for? The Coors Light Ad instantly made me laugh and think of how ridiculous this older woman looks holding a sign that is asking for more beer. We are all going a bit stir crazy in quarantine and could probably all use a good time, despite who we are. However, […]

Bring Back the Catalog Thrill!

Remember as a kid sitting in the kitchen full of excitement circling everything you wanted for the holiday in the Toys R Us catalog? Let’s bring that back, but for adults! Contrary to popular belief, print media is still alive and serving many purposes when it finds its niche. One must think about the emotional […]

Target Audiences By Understanding Them

I’m a soccer player. When I go on Dick’s, I’m not looking for a new hockey stick! It’s important to target your potential audience’s affinity because that is what is going to entice them. Sometimes you attract users that don’t even know what they are looking for, they just were brought to your website one […]

Am I Even Safe Inside My Mind?

Recently, we have heard much about how our phones continue to spy on us. In fact, sometimes you will even think of something and the next day it will be advertised on your phone! It makes one question if anything they’re doing or saying is private. Seemingly, there is no escape without giving up your […]

Do Authenticity and Success Go Together?

While people do look for authenticity in the brands they are purchasing, they also need to be excited about your product. The excitement comes from believing your product is amazing and something they NEED! Self-promotion is indeed necessary in finding success, as it shows consumers your dedication and love for the brand. The goal is […]

Email Isn’t Dead, Just Evolved.

The most popular business channel used by businesses is email marketing. It is described as being the “king” by Larry Kim. I don’t know about you, but I have at least 10-15 emails that pile up in my promotion and spam box each day. It gradually happens as you sign up for that free pretzel […]

The Value in Digital Ads

Digital Ads are extremely valuable to a company, especially when they are directly shown to a consumer who will take interest in the product. I follow many art accounts, and one of them happened to post an advertisement for a very trendy and artistic clothing company. I followed the link and then saw that the […]

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