A/B Testing!

What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is a process in which one compares two different versions of a website. Although they are very similar, only one or two things should be different to learn exactly how those individual aspects affect the overall statistics. By keeping everything besides your changed variable constant, it allows you to […]

Google Tag Manager

Understanding user behavior is extremely important because it allows companies and websites to make adjustments based on the data collected. It allows them to find out what the consumers are doing when they are interacting with your website. What buttons did they press? How long did they scroll?  Site Tagging Site tagging is extremely helpful […]

SEO and Behavior Reporting?

SEO  The article I chose on was “How to Write an SEO-Focused Content Brief Your Writers Will Love”. This article sets a situation of your company not utilizing a SEO strategy when it comes to your content. It implies that you are frustrated because you are responsible for growing search traffic. It would be […]

Current Reports Vs Legacy

Overview GCS stands for Google Search Console which is a program helping one’s site show up on google as well as understanding how google search sees your page. In recent years, GCS (Google Search Console) has gone through many revisions. The “legacy” tools are a bit dated but it still offers a unique and important […]


In this blog I will be diving into the importance of paid ads and organic search. First I will discuss organic search, then paid, then I will break them down in a comparison. SEO When you think about organic search you think google. While this is by far the most popular search engine, there are […]

Talent or a Formula?

Does one need to be a creative person to “create” reports in Data Studio? Perhaps there is a formula that requires one to be creative to stand out. I am leaning towards no, with recognition that creativity will be a small help to your creation. Mastering a formula to the perfect data studio report is […]