Behavior Following Quality Content

Steps to Make Quality Content

When making content you really want to hone in on targeting your audience by thinking about their point of view and writing to interest them. This can be accomplished by figuring out what questions are being asked and what people are curious about as well as making sure that you focus more on the topic at hand and less about yourself. This will help your behavior flow as it will keep readers more engaged and more likely to read more on the next page or keep scrolling down. There are also other steps to help the ergonomics of your site, one being customizable URL when customizing a URL its important to make sure you don’t include dates and numbers that way you won’t have to keep updating it as you make revisions or fix more. The other tip would be to edit the text of your image as computers don’t know what images exactly look like rather they just read the data about it and being specific about what your images are can help direct traffic to your sites and pictures.

Applying the Concepts

In the future I plan to learn on how to edit alt-texts for images in order to make the SEO of my images easier to find and more specific. This will help bring in more traffic and generate more impressions.I will also wan to learn how to customize URL’s so the website looks more professional and there will be less revisions to do later on.

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