Behavior Reports and Content Strategy

What is one of the easiest ways to bring users to your website? Creating content is an easy and natural way to drive website traffic. We have already talked about search engine optimization and organic search, but in order to rank well, you have to have something users are interested in. This is where content marketing comes in. Content marketing is the practice of writing or otherwise creating articles, blog posts, videos, or any other type of media that attracts people to your site. Coming up with a good content strategy is perhaps essential to bringing in a consistent stream of traffic, and can help your business in several ways.

Boosting your Content Strategy

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There is plenty of advice out there for how to create the best content strategy. One such article is 3 Creative Ways to Give Your Content a Boost – Best of Whiteboard Friday, shared and published by Moz. In this video, Rand Fishkin shares three ways that content creators can expand their content. His tips include generating content aimed towards niche audiences, content about products or services your target audience would be interested in, and bringing in guest creators to write for your blog. Each of these tips offers very good advice, but without insights into your audience, it can be hard to apply them. That’s where behavior reports come in.

Behavior reports are a feature of Google Analytics that can offer detailed insights into what users are doing on your website. Site search is a feature that allows you to see metrics like the number of sessions with a search, total unique searches, search depth, and more. Similarly, the events tab shows you the number of events happening on your site. Content grouping is another tool that allows you to organize your content into a clear structure to reflect your website. By using these tools, you can determine the type of content that performs best, and which type you should pursue further. All of these tools and more can offer plenty of helpful information about your audience, and can help you plan the perfect content strategy.

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