How Behavior Reports Affect Content Strategy

Behavior change changes how people tend to make decisions. This takes into consideration the environmental, social, and personal factors that impact how a person chooses to do something. To that end, there are many theories of behavioral reporting. This includes the Fogg Behavioral Model and Social Cognitive Theory. Each theory identifies key elements that may reinforce or challenge an individual’s ability to act in their own self interest.

The behavior report visualizes the paths users traveled from one screen, page or event to the next. This report can help you discover what content keeps users engaged with your site. The behavior report can also help identify potential content or usability issues.

The use of a behavioral report can help investigate how engaged users are with your content and to identify potential content issues.

The goal of a content strategy is to formalize the principles in place and the techniques that will be put into place over time. A behavior change intervention typically takes the form of an application or website that the target audience will use over time. Creating a content strategy further solidifies the ways in which an application or website will implement the behavior change methodology.

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