Behavior Reports & Content Strategy

The article I had read and chose to write about was how you can get your brand to the state of media coverage from NBC, CBS, FOX, etc and the blogger Amana Milligan did a clear and concise way of explaining how to use certain behaviors. One of the takeaways I got from Amanda was that you need to use the behavior and act of being bold to grab attention of viewers in order for that said user to buy into your brand. Creating that brand awareness and showing that you can provide a clear, ambitious message will invite more people to buy in to what you are saying or expressing.

Another point that Amanda made in how you can create more content from certain behaviors was the ability to personalize your pitches to others. You want the user or the person who is clicking through your article to feel like they are looking at or reading something completely new. When the user or whoever is taking in your content feels like this is something that hasn’t been preached or reported on before, thats when you are going to create more attraction and consistent viewers. Overall, the ability always evolve and create new content can be difficult at times but using the behavior page and certain sectors like page timings, search terms and search pages can be an efficient way of figuring out how to quickly and surely provide content that the user want to see. Tracking these certain behaviors would be extremely important for Amanda as if you’re trying to create news attention with your posts, you want to see what creates buzz, more clicks or whats the next best topic that people are going to dive in and discuss about.

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