How Johnson’s Baby is standing against Child Poverty

Join us in our fight against child poverty

By: Nicholas Lenhard

For the past 125 years at Johnson’s Baby, we have worked tirelessly to produce products that are the very best, because we believe that is what everyone’s child deserves. We also believe that no children should be subjected to living in poverty, and have decided to follow our mission statement and donate some of our hygiene products to children in desperate need of them.

Why Does it matter?

Despite being one of the world’s most developed countries, the United States has a significant percent of its children being affected by poverty. More children than ever are being forced into poverty by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Johnson’s Baby decided we needed to take a stand against child poverty.

We ask for anyone interested in supporting our campaign, or with any questions or feedback to fill out our survey on our sign up now page. You can also visit our website to find out more about the importance of child hygiene, children’s personal hygiene and even personal hygiene tips!

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