Turning One Idea into Mutliple

Make the Content Native to the Platform

Many marketers and businesses struggle with coming up ideas and ways to keep their content at the front of the platforms that their audience is using. But to keep their audience engaged they should focus on keeping the content published on the platform, native to that platform. This will hold users better because most users do not want to follow one link from a platform to a completely different platforms. If the post is native to the platform the audience will have abetter chance of interacting with the content, and maybe even moving to their campaigns actual profile on the certain platform.

Using One Idea to fill Multiple Platforms

When making sure that the campaign/business is using multiple platforms and keeping their content native to each one they may run into the problem of what they’re actually going to post. This is easily fixed by using one idea/outline and posting similar content across all the platforms. This will make content creation an easier process. Then from this the campaign/business can use the analytics tool of what channels/traffic source has brought in the most business/interaction.

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