“Benefits of Current Reports vs. Legacy Tools”

Older But Useful Tools

There are a variety of tools that have been in use for some time now and we know how to use them effectively in order to help us as marketers. A lot of what we are looking at here has to do with the URL of our websites. It is important that we can differentiate between different key words in our URLs. The older reports and tools contain helpful things such as security issues report and links report. The security issues report is extremely beneficial because we are able to see if there are any security issues on your site that are detected by google. Having this tool allows us to see mistakes that we may have in our websites that are able to fixed in order to make them a safer environment for ourselves and our users. There is also a mobile-friendly test tool. This tool helps us figure out if the website is mobile-friendly, or easily accessible through mobile devices.

Legacy Tools and Reports

The legacy tools and reports present us with a different set of useful tools that we can utilize in order to make our websites better. As I mentioned before, keywords and parameters are extremely important when building a website URL. The URL parameters tool helps us decipher any special parameters that we include in our URLs. This tool is mainly utilized by more advanced users. International targeting is another huge part of legacy tools and reports. This tool allows us to target a given population. We are able to guide search results to zero in on a certain country or region. Doing this will make our content much more easily accessible for the users who are ultimately seeking it. While legacy reports do not have quite as many features as the older reports do, they are still very important if we are looking to utilize something specific such as the International targeting tool.

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