Capturing Variables with Tags

What is Google Site Tagging?

Google ad tagging is there a way for you to track what areas of your website are really doing well, and what areas could use some improvement. Using this tool, the developer can see Information such as how many seconds a video as watched four, how far a user scrolls down the page, and what links people are clicking on with in the pages.

How Can Google Site Tagging Better Your Business?

There are many benefits to site tagging, that will all benefit your business. There are very few downsides if any. Using Google tag manager to find the “weak links” In your website’s performance is a great way to increase how well your website is doing. By knowing that people are stopping halfway down the page, now we know there is a reason that they are not scrolling. We can now change that so that they scroll through the entire page. Maybe the users are not enjoying the videos on the page, and they are only spending a few seconds on them. Knowing that we can improve the videos or replace them.

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