Evolution of Search Optimization

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As our world and economies become more and more digitized, so does the evolution of search optimization. As a digital advertiser, it’s not always easy to reach out to online users or simply find your audience for whatever good or service you are promoting. In this profession, a tool such as the Google search console (GSC) can help guide you on the right path to address the problems that arise as an advertiser. Some of the tools digital advertisers use include current reports and legacy reports to strengthen their search optimization.

Current reports and Legacy tools

Current reports help advertisers understand users’ impressions of what they are seeing when they search. To be more specific a performance report can do just this. Explore how many people saw and clicked on your site in Google Search, what queries showed your site in Search, and your average search position. Although this is very helpful, it seems it can only be done with sufficient traffic on whatever platform you are advertising on. The next is the use of legacy tools. Legacy tools are currently a part of the GSC because they have not found a suitable replacement for them yet. An aspect of the legacy tools that are very important is the crawl rate setting. The term crawl rate is defined as how many requests per second Googlebot makes to your site when it is crawling it. In the settings of this, you can Lower Google’s crawling traffic to your site. Lowering your crawl rate can keep your server from slowing down because too many crawls can potentially slow your server down.

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