Search Console reports, Current vs. Legacy

Finding analytics on your website is getting easier by the creations of new tools such as and the well-known Google Search Engine. One action that these tools are great for is to show us action on a page by providing the URL. As these tools are updated they are getting easier to use along with providing us with more information. In class, we used a GSC tool to compare sites with one another. This is also another aspect of these tools that is important so you can get a frame of reference for your site’s goals and reach. 

It appears that the current “report or tool” search engine has a lot more aspects to it. The legacy tools are still valuable however they are becoming more outdated. To be improved Legacy tools need to have some replacements and add ons done. Legacy reports however can still be important especially when trying to get a basic summary for your company. Legacy reports will help you focus on one thing better and not get lost in all the other aspects. However, even if it might be harder to use, due to all the functions, the current report or tool will still be the best option. I say this when you are at the point where you are really diving into your company’s analytics.

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