Can You Be Number One?

Overall, there are a variety of factors that go into making a product number one on the Google search engine. I believe if you follow the steps given by Do, you have a much greater chance of becoming the number one search. Google will serve the results that they think will help the user, which is why it is important that you are in the mind of the consumer when picking the defining words of your company. I believe that customer loyalty is a very important factor in becoming number one on Google. For example, if you create a new cell phone, Apple and Android will likely be the top searches no matter which keywords you hold about the phone you’ve created. This is why if you are not already the top leader in your industry, it is important that your product is different from others on the market, so that this differentiating key word will be what puts your product at the top of a search. It would be helpful if this differentiating quality is in your seed keyword. I also think it is important that Do mentions finding the niche for your product and in what category it would be of interest. Instead of picking broad terms that will turn up hundreds of more popular sites, hone in on the specific buyer of your exact product and where they will search for it. Using sources like reddit to see what improvements you can make to your product to serve needs of consumers that other products can’t, can also give you an advantage that can help you be number one on Google search. If you are researching your competitors, you know what kind of keyword your site can bring which will ultimately help you to bring your product to the first suggestion. All of these tips can help you become number one on Google’s search engine. I believe the only way to stay here is to constantly be adapting your product to compete with the product you currently have on the market, so that no one else can use these tips to create a product that replaces yours. 

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