Number One on Google

The top result on Google is prime, and highly competative real estate.  In order to obtain and maintain this spot, the site must evolve constantly. So, is this possible? The answer is yes, but it isn’t easy.

Obtaining this spot is about creating seed keywords that will link an individual’s searches to your site. The more curated and accurate your seed words are the clicks your site will obtain.

Successful seed words are made by doing keyword research and using forums such as Reddit to see what terms are tracking the most engagement. By inserting these terms in a multitude of ways they could be phrased the website will be more successful. Curating seed words will create more traffic because it ensures that the website has covered all of its bases and that no searches are being directed to other sites.

It is possible to obtain and keep this number one spot but in order to do so, the business will need to continuously do keyword research and update their URL as well as their tags. Receiving this number one rank is highly competitive, therefore the business must be up for the fight.

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