Creating Custom Campaign Parameters

Components of Successful Ad Campaigns

There are many successful ad campaigns that come to mind. The ad campaign I think of is the Budweiser “Lost Dog” Campaign. This is an example of a successful ad campaign because the Clydesdale horses are associated with Budweiser. Along with the use of multiple channels to reach viewers. The ad gives the viewer a connection that when something is not going their way a Budweiser can make everything better. This is a result of the connection within the campaign about the dog running away and the horses help to bring the dog back home. While watching tv, scrolling through social media, or watching a You Tube video the campaign reaches viewers on different platforms. With the use of different platforms Budweiser can directly reach their customers.

What Goes into Making a Successful Ad Campaign

First when creating an ad campaign, use Google Analytics to review the different channels that the customers are using. Next, would be to use a URL Builder to create a custom URL for the ad campaign. Custom URLs allow for customers to interact with the campaign. They can be directed right to the company page. The use of Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, and Campaign name are commonly used when building an URL. “Campaign Content can be used to indicate the specific ad or link that was clicked”. Finally, create an ad campaign that is going to catch the attention of the viewers and be memorable to increase traffic on the website.

Best Practices for collecting campaign data with custom URLs – Analytics Help (

URL builders – Analytics Help (

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