Multi-Channel Campaigns

The Process

The process of setting up an ad campaign and making sure you provide an opportunity to reach your audience in multiple ways may seem difficult. Once the ad is created, the most next most important step is making sure you tag only what is needed to help follow where the and how the ad performs. To also help enhance the ad using an URL builder for the links will provide a better way for the audience to interact with the ad and move to the website. Then finally, to fully understand how the ad is performing and where the most clicks are being generated the use of following what source collects the most interaction is helpful. From that one can find where they need to up their ad campaigns, and what sources do not need more pushing.

Importance of Data Collection & How to Use It | Innovative Advertising

The Reasons

All of this is done for specific reasons. In the process of creating an ad campaign lost of data and reasoning goes into why certain things are done. All of this based on past performances and failures. First is the idea of using a custom URL. This is used so that the click from the ad can collect data and information on how the ad is doing, and also the source it comes from. This is where it all ties together. In the custom URL certain destination parameters can be put in that help show how and where the ad was clicked on (what source it came from). For example certain clicks are generated from organic searches, when someone just looks up the product or website. All of this data can be used to help the business understand where they are reaching their prime customers.

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