Capturing Custom Campaigns

What makes a campaign successful?

In my opinion one of the most successful advertisement campaigns was #LikeAGirl by Always, a feminine product company. What made this campaign so successful was the fact that it targeted young women that are going through puberty and other vulnerable points in their life and it helps them to build confidence and feel limitless. More specifically this ad takes the words “like a girl” that have commonly been used as an insult and turns it around to make it an empowering phrase. Always displayed these ads on TV, in magazines, and throughout different social media platforms. The use of multiple channels helped Always to interact with different people which allowed them to be successful in their campaign.

How to Collect Campaign Data

The best way to have a successful campaign is to use multiple channels for advertising. A limited number of channels will not allow much success. Our first step to a campaign would be auto-tagging so that our data is tracked. We then follow this by creating custom URL’s, tagging only what we need, and only using the necessary variables (source, medium, name). When we use Google Analytics the channels then get separated into direct, organic search, or referral.

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