Current Reports and Legacy Tools

Google Search Console: Helpful Guide for Beginners
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The Importance of Data

Marketers today have a wealth of information at their fingertips through online analytics software. Google Search Console (GSC), for example, offers many helpful insights into a website’s performance, helping marketers make the best decisions for their businesses. The tools that GSC provides are especially helpful for determining the best courses of action, and for measuring the performance of your website. Whether using current reports or legacy tools, each type offers special insights into your website’s performance.

Using Current Reports and Legacy Tools for Search Optimization

Although Google is currently working to replace its legacy tools with new versions, there are still several useful functions for the existing tools. Particularly with the URL Parameters Tool and International Targeting, these tools allow you to change the content of your site depending on what country it is set to, and to set a specific country to target in search results pages. Other legacy tools also include robots.txt Tester, the Data Highlighter tool, Crawl rate settings, and more.

Current reports offer a wider range of activities. These tools allow you to see a wealth of information about your website’s performance, such as tests to see how mobile-friendly your site is, reports of how many people saw and clicked on your site on their results pages, a list of the websites linking back to you, and much more. Google even shares a full list of their reports’ capabilities, which you can find here. Through these tools, whether old or new, you can optimize your website and make it the best version possible. Both current reports and legacy tools can help you make the most of your website’s search optimization, and can offer you opportunities for growth.

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