Capturing Variables with Tags

Having your own website, there are many things a company wants to track to see how their doing. There are many little factors that come to this that many people don’t realize. For example, what wants to be known is how long someone is on the page for, how far someone scrolls down on the screen. It may seem irrelevant, but is actually very important. It helps the company see how they can improve their page to keep customers on longer.

Using Google Tag Manager

Adding tags to events is very beneficial in tracking data. For example, let’s say a goal of a website is to get more people to fill out forms to subscribe to a newsletter. In this case, we would want to use Google Analytics as a tag. The variable is what we want to keep the same. For instance, let’s say the variable is a form that has to be filled out. Whenever the form is filled out, that information is then sent to Google Analytics. The trigger (what causes the event) would be the number of clicks it took for the user to fill out the form and this is what is used to create the tag. All of this is important to determine how you can improve your website in order to fill out more forms.

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