SEO and Behavior Reporting?


 The article I chose on was “How to Write an SEO-Focused Content Brief Your Writers Will Love”. This article sets a situation of your company not utilizing a SEO strategy when it comes to your content. It implies that you are frustrated because you are responsible for growing search traffic. It would be way easier to grow if you tailored your content towards google’s search algorithm. “A content brief is a set of instructions to guide a writer on how to draft a piece of content. That piece of content can be a blog post, a landing page, a white paper, or any number of other initiatives that require content.” The writer mentions the need for your content to align with searches because your content has a heavy affect on the SERP. In order to ensure you have a good SEO content strategy you need a query target and intent. Displaying keywords that are questions is a quality way to make sure the consumer is satisfied with the result no matter why they came. Another thing to consider (at all times) is your target audience. Who are you focused on? Why? That way you can customize your content in a way that will be specific to them. 

Behavior Reporting

Behavior reporting shows you what users were on your website, how long they spent (sessions) and how many interactions they took (clicks). It will show the bounce rate as well. This can be found in google analytics and can allow you to see what’s working and what’s not. Also, you will know where you need to improve. If people are coming in mass amounts but leaving right away, are you attracting the right people. Maybe you must change your SEO. If people are interacting and staying for a while but not many are coming. Maybe you must change SEO in a more general way to gain more potential users even if that risks having just the specific consumers that were coming to the website. To utilize these tools to improve SEO alongside tailoring your content towards SEO would be an effective strategy.

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