STP to Email Campaigns

The company in which I have chosen to research and write about is Allbirds. Allbirds is a new footwear company that produces their shoes from sustainable resources. Their motto influences consumers to buy their shoes with the mindset of looking out for the planet while wearing very comfortable shoes. As a matter of fact I am a customer of Allbirds and I own a couple pairs of their shoes. I would divide users into two segments such as behavior and lifestyle traits. There are certainly different ways in which to connect with these groups of people and how they may be targeted through emailing. For the behavior segment I would email different groups based from their loyalty to the company, and if someone is a returning customer, then offer some sort of incentive. Another way to target using behavior would be researching consumers shopping preferences and advertising certain products based on their interests. In regards to the lifestyle traits there are many approaches in email marketing for this segment. First of all, if someone tends to be athletic or enjoy running, I would advertise models that are running shoes and a more athletic version. For someone that is more about the leisure lifestyle, I would advertise a casual, possibly a “boat shoe” type in order to reach the potential for all lines of product. Also, if someone lives in an area where there is colder weather, I would market an insulated and warmer shoe. There are many strategies in order to reach different people In different ways, and being effective in this manner can surely help a company target a wide variety of audiences.

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