Collecting Custom Campaign Content

Different Levels When Creating Campaigns

When creating multi-channeled campaigns there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Three different levels are being used during the creation of this: channels, sources, and mediums. All of these levels help understand what kind of consumers are is visiting your website, and helps identify who your target market is. By using different channels you can reach a larger market, and separate consumers who are not within your target market.

What Kind of Channels to Use

When thinking of what channels to use you must think of who your target market is, and what type of platforms your consumers are using. If your target market is younger, maybe the best way to gain their attention is by using social media channels. This includes Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Channels like these help analyze costs, usage, efficiency, integrity, integration with other systems and the value of each channel, separately and in relation to each other. Another way to use channels is by using email. By using email it can help reach target markets by sending out promo codes and links to visit the website. You can also add internal links in the email to get more traffic deeper within the website.

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