A/B Hypothesis

What is an A/B Hypothesis? An A/B hypothesis is an experiment used to track users, and can tell how effective your data is. The hypothesis should use two or more variants to test on a webpage. first off, variant a should be what the original website had. Secondly, variant B should include the modified variant […]

Tag Manager Overview

Why Use Tag Manager? Tag manager has many useful tactics when gathering data for a website. First off, it is a system used to collect data and gain more insights. It allows to create tags to see specific behaviors that users are doing. By using mag manger you can create triggers. Triggers are “cause your […]

Current Reports vs. Legacy Tools

Importance of Reports Current reports help understand how well a website is working. In other words it shows a user the “health” of how things are running within the website. This includes clicks, views, security issues, and much more. One can also dive deeper into the performance of the reports. This “explores how many people […]

Tracking Free & Paid Media

Paid Ads When someone sees ads on different websites, one can assume that a company is paying for them to see them. paid ads help attract more people and more traffic to certain webpages. Paid ads are budgeted within a company, but not paid ads cannot only work on their own. These paid are often […]

Collecting Custom Campaign Content

Different Levels When Creating Campaigns When creating multi-channeled campaigns there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Three different levels are being used during the creation of this: channels, sources, and mediums. All of these levels help understand what kind of consumers are is visiting your website, and helps identify who your target […]

Targeting Your Audience

What is Audience Targeting? Targeting your audience is when you use habits, specific interests, and demographic information to attract users to your website or app. Demographic information are things like age, gender, and location of where the user is viewing your website from. Habits are trends that keep reoccurring from user to user. This information […]