How To Bring The Right People To Your Site At The Right Time

Targeting Can Help With That

Google Analytics is handing us all the ability to access targeting and find the perfect people to be a part of your companies experiments. Targeting optimize allows you to see who is eligible to be included in the experiment. Those who are eligible will receive one of the experiment variants. It also allows for your company to see when an eligible person will be receiving one of the experiment variants. You can then create many rule within the condition builder to effect the experiment in many different ways.

Creating Rules

There are many rules that you can select to target many different things, places and people that can be very beneficial to your company. Audience Targeting is definitely one of those. This rule allows your company to target specific groups of people that have been active on your site. 4 Google Ads Targeting Hacks to Slash CPCs in 2019 states that using this rule can help your company with creating in depth remarketing audiences. I also find that the geo targeting rule could be very helpful as well. This rule lets you target user in a specific area. You can make sure that your ads and experiments that are happening in a specific area are only targeting people around that location. There are so many other rules that you can use on your experiments to reach the best people ate the perfect time and it’s crucial that your companies get into targeting.

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