Connecting With Your Target Audience

Knowing Your Audience

As we have seen first-hand in the brief amount of time together this semester, there are many ways in which you can see who has viewed and interacted with your website. Finding out which audience to target and gain their attention is one of the most important aspects of marketing. One way in doing so could be by knowing your audience affinity, which gives you the ability to “reach people based on a holistic picture of their lifestyles, passions, and habits.”(Google Support) Clearly, if you know about your audiences lifestyle, passion, habits, etc. you can use pathos, the emotional attraction and target what hits home for them.

Deciding How to Reach the Users

Once you know the vast majority of your audience and you know their preferences you can use tools to keep them. Strategies like implementing products that are appealing on the front page, offering deals or incentives for loyal customers, etc. are ways you can grab their attention and keep them around. After implementing these aspects it is essential to keep track of what works versus what does not. Obviously keeping the things that work in place and maybe revising those that do not along the way. I believe that having a well-rounded site and the ability to target the most people possible will prove to be effective down the stretch.

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