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Display ads are one of the most common forms of advertisements on the internet today. Consumers see them when scrolling through social media, or visiting their favorite website, or even watching a video on Youtube. So, if there are so many of these littered throughout the vast expanse of the world wide web, how do companies get people to take that extra step and actually click on their ad?

There has only been one time, that I can remember, that I have intentionally interacted with a display ad. It was the summer of 2019, and the World Track & Field Championships were going on. As an athlete of the sport, I was continuously watching the events and checking the results. The world championships are sponsored by Nike, who has globally taken over the sport of track & field. In the midst of the World Championships, I was scrolling on Instagram and stumbled upon a Nike display ad on my feed. The ad was showcasing a new pair of sneakers that were “designed to the specifications of world-class runners” and had the USA Track & Field logo on them. Not only were these shoes designed by the very athletes I had been watching, but the model (Pegasus) was one I had been buying over and over since high school. To say I was being re-marketed, would be true. Needless to say, I clicked the ad and bought the shoes.

Yes, display ads can be annoying and ruin the user experience of websites. However, when companies take the time to re-market to people within their target audience, the ads can actually be seen as helpful. I am very glad that Nike sponsored that Instagram advertisement to appear on my feed. Those sneakers were amazing, but of course they were. They were catered to my interests and habits.

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