Coors Light Could Use a Beer Campaign

Social Media Campaigns are so important in today’s society as social media is where many people spend a lot of their time and are most likely to be influenced. There have been many great campaigns this year that have received a lot of attention. One of these great campaigns is the Coors Light Could Use a Beer Campaign.

What Coors Light did right

Coors Light started a campaign where they sent a free six pack of their beer to a certain amount of customers that bought a pack and tweeted why they needed a beer. As soon as I read their tweet I smiled and wanted to know more. I believe this is because with the crazy times we are going through right now, I and so many others can relate to the message. We all deserve a “beer” after the year we have been having. Beer doesn’t have to be the thing to make this year or just the day a little easier to get through but Coors Light was able to take advantage of this idea of needing relief and place themselves in the middle of it. I actually know that alcohol sales went up a lot during quarantine for this exact feeling.

My other initial reaction was that the tweet was well written in the aspect that it wasn’t trying to be over professional but instead speak like their customers would such as using phrasing such as “we’re buying”. They also had all important information right there in the tweet, a beer purchase is required, when it ends, and where to find the link to learn more.

As discussed in the article, what the company did well with this campaign, is they started it when they were still in everyone’s heads from their previous successful social media action. They interacted with one of their customers who was in quarantine and asking for more beers, creating a touching moment that got their name circulating around social media. They were quick to build off of this success and idea of helping people in quarantine. Keeping with the theme of showing people’s need for beer, they were smart to make the campaign interactive by telling their customers to post why they were in need of a 6 pack. This created a fun atmosphere and activity around coors light and their movement.

Their goal of this campaign was to gain awareness for the company and therefore gain more sales. This worked as the campaign was seen and participated in by thousands. They had to use a lot of money to do the giveaway of free beer but it was worth it in the long run as they promoted their name and gained sales by having the customers purchase a case for themselves first.

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