To many October is the month where the leaves start to change colors and you switch your coffee order from iced to hot. But this isn’t the case for everyone. October specifically holds significance in the LGBTQ+ community. This is different than Pride Month, June, because October is used to observe the history of gay rights and their relation to civil movements.

Starbucks #WhatsYourName brings public attention to an issue many transgender and gender-diverse people face. To some, this can be seen as a very controversial issue which most companies try to avoid. By taking this stance and respecting the chosen name of their patrons Starbucks turned a simple action into an award-winning social good campaign.


This campaign caught my attention right away. Being that it is LGBTQ History month this campaign stood out from the rest because it resonates with so many people in my generation. Watching this video evoked a lot of emotion for me because I never thought about how difficult this must be for people on a daily basis. I think this campaign was so successful because it was supportive and educational. It brought attention to something so many people are unaware of.

Based on the article in Hootsuite it’s clear that this was a mutually beneficial campaign. It won over customers by showing support and respect for a group that often faces discrimination. For Starbucks, this campaign helped them rebuild their relationship with customers that was badly damaged in 2018. This campaign was not only good for their reputation but also for their finances by regaining customer loyalty. While this may have caused some to get their coffee elsewhere it proved Starbucks is devoted to creating an inclusive environment.

I think Starbuck’s goal with the #Whatsyourname campaign was a strategic way to get back into the public good graces which then directly increased sales.


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